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Volkswagen 1.8t fsi ignition coil spacer and cover

$60.00 - $90.00

Here we bring to you, our fsi ignition coil spacer and coil cover for the 1.8t engine. The coil cover can be fully customized. We offer it in a blank smooth version, or If you see a design that we've already done, feel free to place your order, and put in the notes which one you'd like (this does include ones you've seen pictured and posted by another customer that may need a slight modification for your application.) If you'd like something fully custom, order the custom version and reach out through the contact page to get us the image and description so that we can get it designed for you. All parts are 3d printed out of abs to withstand heat and fluids. They are also open in the front to dissipate heat around the coils while closed on the exhaust side to keep exhaust heat away. Abs colors are limited, but we do have some options. They are also paintable. They may require a light sanding of the surface or bondo skim coat before paint for perfect finish. Hardware is included. They use all existing holes in the valve cover and do not interfere with any of the components on the valve cover. Each one includes our coil pack spacer plate as well as the hardware to mount everything. These covers will also work with the ecs style plate adapter as well.